About Us


We are skullpiercer podcast and we’re here to make you laugh and think about games and stuff.

Skullpiercer podcast is run by gamers. The hosts are gamers, just like you. We are veteran podcasters, streamers and arm-chair game developers.

We build our own PCs, buy our own games and play with our friends. We have diverse interests and backgrounds but what we have in common is what makes us Skullpiercer.

Thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy the show.



The Hosts


Jeff (Crayonomicon)

Jeff is a veteran dungeon master, podcaster and gaming industry insider. He survives on a steady diet of BBQ and humble pie.

If he sounds familiar it might be because he was the co-creator and host of the Low Elo League of Legends podcast.

andy platt skullpiercer host

Andy (Platt)

Platt is just an uptown girl, living in this uptown world. He works in crisis response management which makes him uncommonly qualified in the roll of shot caller in pick-up games.

sterling beckham skullpiercer host

Sterling (Stretch)

Stretch is a veteran streamer and League of Legends esports caster. To him, it’s not enough to win; he has to kickflip off the enemy’s corpse at the end in order to experience true victory.

He’s currently trying to make Caustic work.


Podcast Links


You can download Skullpiercer: the Apex Legends podcast pretty much wherever you get your podcasts.

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